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Whether dynamically striking or extravagant and noble, Authentic Roofing AZ renders and fits a flawless application of tile, shingle and metal stylings to pitched roofs & foam or walk-decks to flat roofs.

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We are a family owned business that strives to not only compliment the styling of your home or commercial application but make it a striking statement.

Authentic is certified, bonded and insured to give our clients a trustworthy experience when needing a new residential or commercial roof replacement, installation or repair. With over 40 years of experience our founding roots started in southern Arizona with a full hands-on practice when the spanish colonial revival style became popular to use in residential and commercial architecture. Our successful approach in roofing is constructing with elements designed to evoke the feeling of authentic pueblos, while giving you the peace of mind using the latest building techniques to give you a flawless application.

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Angies List Review

Not the the cheapest but worth every penny! Authentic repaired and warrantied their service - giving me the ultimate peace of mind.

Bryan W. - West Phoenix, AZ

Google Review

Joined forces with Authentic to finish a custom home. Their roofing work was nothing short of exquisite and complimented the high standards of our flooring company.

Alliance Flooring - Commercial

Houzz Review

Authentic took care of the insurance process and all necessary paperwork. To my surprise the entire process felt expedited on how quick everything went along and was finished before the estimated time frame.

Epoxy Strong Commercial Flooring Contractors

Home Advisor Review

This was the most expensive home renovation to date for my family and couldn't be happier from start to finish with Authentic. Very happy to have such a no hassle process.

Julia R. - Desert Ridge

Porch Review

Authentic nailed it out of the park. My request to have custom clay tiles on my wall around the house turned out...very authentic looking to the pueblo style I was aiming for - Highly Recommend!.

Ramon C. - Phoenix, AZ

Thumbtack Review

Previous roofing company left the job site in the middle of construction. After a few service calls around the valley, Authentic was the one to finish the job. I'm in tears that my family has a safe & dry roof over our heads.

Cary A. - N. Phoenix, AZ

Types of Roofing

Clay Roof Tile

Clay material was first conveyed to the United States in the seventeenth century by European pilgrims, and the pattern adhered because of its solidness and imperviousness to fire. Mud tiles are Class A fire evaluated and don't blaze. Their solidness, simplicity of support, and low warm conductivity have made these clay roof tiles a standout among the most famous roofing materials for about two centuries.

"We see a lot of clay roofs in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. They seem to hold up in the incredible heat compared to other roofs.", says Michael S. with Premier Roof Repair in Phoenix.

While popular on and around ocean front properties, it can work with any architecture design in Phoenix. Many designers and builders are eluding to this design because it evokes a feeling of southwestern pueblo authenticity. These popular clay tiles are now being re-created with modern materials to produce a clay tile that is no longer as brittle. We also have sources to preserve and repair historic clay tile roofs. With so many color shades and roof tiles Phoneix surfaces to choose from, we guarantee a picture-perfect once installed.

As a result of the generally high cost of authentic Clay roof tiles, it has turned out to be regular to substitute cement for authentic clay tile material. Albeit concrete tiles don't hold an indistinguishable shading or quality from Clay tile material, they do exhibit a suitable less expensive and lighter option.

Tile Roof Installer

Tile Roof

A popular choice for energy-efficient, lightweight, long lifespan and durability, tile roofs can withstand fires and resist rotting and insects. The impressive nature of these tiles, is that with so many shades, patterns and manufactures homeowners, builders and designers can create beautiful roofs to any type of home design and architecture.

Tile rooftops lean on the heavier side of the roofing material spectrum. Clay is heavier than cement, yet both still put impressive strain on the structure of your home. Before you put resources into a tile rooftop, we can educate and provide samples and installed examples. At the end you each client will be educated on the pros and cons including the costs of this type of roofing tiles Phoenix AZ material.

Shingle Roofs

Shingles are made of a base (natural or fiberglass) that is soaked with black-top and covered with minerals on one side to oppose weathering. Fiberglass shingles are more adaptable and more grounded than natural shingles. Shingles arrive in a wide-assortment of styles, quality, and hues. Shingle rooftops are usually overlaid with another rooftop, if the underlying rooftop is a solitary layer (3-tab shingle) and in great condition. Our installations are not only precise but backed by a warranty for defects and durability.

Pricing has a major effect when you are figuring out what kind of material to get for your home. Even though 3-Tab shingles are the most affordable, Authentic Roofing will provide plenty of options to consider. These include metal, slate or even the latest solar panel shingles over asphalt shingles. The benefits of the alternatives is that they are more environmentally better and are longer lasting and worth the extra penny. As the premier roofer in Phoenix, we can ensure an expedited process, better pricing and a longer warranty. Let us direct you to our roof tile suppliers.

Michael at Cooler Air Today says, "When our commercial roof started to leak, Authentice Roof came in before hours to make sure everything was taken care of by time we opened. Life savers!

Shingle Roof Installer
Durafoam Roofing

Durafoam Roof

Durafoam Roofs have a big impact on heating and cooling costs and provide outstanding leak protection. A foam roof will also increase your solar efficiency should you have solar panels installed in Arizona and other states.

Experts at Durafoam Roofing Contractors in Phoenix say that energy bills are much lower when the home has a foam roof.

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Authentic Roofing AZ provides better pricing because we know how to get the job done the first time, saving you labor cost and less purchased materials.

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Committed to staying the premier roofer in Arizona, we offer peace of mind to homeowners, builders and designers with a solid track record of repairs, new-builds and installs. Whether you are in need of roof replacement & installation, shopping for roof types, or to repair a roof leak - We ultimately have you covered (roof pun). We are your guarantee for a better and more reliable roofing tiles Phoenix AZ professional. Customer experience powered by Servgrow software, field service software for roofing companies.

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We're a full service tiling and tile flooring Phoenix installer. We service custom residential projects to large-scale commercial settings. Specialties include high-end residential install and design from custom kitchen backsplash to entire custom master bath and shower installs in Phoenix.

We have a long record of successful installations of authentic hand painted clay tiles, tile, marble granite, stone, slate, terrazzo, and heated floor systems.

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We always thank and truly friendship our homeowners and commercial clients for opening their home and office doors to us. In our industry, we meet hard-working families and business owners that depend on durability, longevity and affordability. We proudly offer this trilogy in all our services for all roofs in Phoenix and surrounding cities.

We are huge supporters of companies that mimic our integrity and service quality.