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It's imperative that you know what to search for when attempting to distinguish a leaking rooftop. When you know the onset signs there will be no issues realizing that the roof is in fact leaking.

At Authentic Roofing AZ, we understand and realize that time is of an essence when needing to locate and repair a roof. Our experts are committed and will find the solution. We are the valley's leader when it comes to inspections of home real estate. Many homeowners don't know the state and internal condition of their roofs. During monsoon season, a lot of calls are made that homeowners are now noticing small to major leaks.

Type of Repairs We Service

Spotting Signs of a Leaky Roof

Broken Roof Tiles

Curling, Broken, or Missing Tiles/Shingles

Roof Leak Repairs

Common Roof Leak Repairs

Musty Roof Tile Smell

Damp or Musty Smell

Metal Roof Fastener Repairs

Fix Metal Roofing Fasteners

Lifting Shingle Repairs

Fix Lifting Shingles

Chimney Leak Repairs

Fix a Chimney Leak

Roof Vent Leak Repairs

Leaking Around a Drain or Vent

Skylight Roof Leak Repairs

Leaking around a Skylight

Mold Roof Repairs

Mold Formation

Missing Shingle Replacement

Repair Missing Shingles

Water Stain Repairs

Water Stains

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